What is Three Armhole Dress?

I have found several of these pattern from the 1960s. They are jiffy dresses all dating from 1966-69. They look like they could be good beach dresses to me. I’ve have found several designs of them for women and girls. I found references to people making them as their first Home Ec. project. They are sometimes called a three armhole dress or a wrap-arounder dress. If you want to find one on google  wrap arounder dress pattern or three arm hole dress pattern.

To find a more of them, follow the link to the Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki to see the large variety of these late 1960s sewing pattern.  I find them every once in a while now and put them up on my website. Simplicity reprinted this pattern as Simplicity 8049- but it is out of print again. I’ve persoanlly never sewn one, but they look fairly easy to sew and would work well for someone who doesn’t have a lot of curves. Did you ever sew one, or wear one? If you sew one, send me a photo of it!

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