In moreover 25 years of selling sewing patterns, I’ve seen a lot of sewing pattern dress trends. One trend that I find amusing is the three-armhole dress.

But what are they exactly? These are “jiffy” dresses (quick to sew) sewing patterns popularized in the late 1960s. These make a great beginner or on the go project due to their chic simplicity. Many people have fond memories sewing this style of dress, and have often said it was their first home ec. project! Not only was this pattern popular for women, but it also can be found in girls sizing or as a mother-daughter set. They look like they would make a great beach dress to me! 

McCall’s 9108

Like many vintage styles, Simplicity has recently reprinted this pattern under Simplicity 8049 – but it is once again out of print. When a sewing pattern company releases a vintage style pattern, they reimagine the style for modern sensibilities. If you are like me, I would suggest hunting for the real deal to experience the original design! 

To efficiently search for this pattern, search for “wrap-arounder” or “three armhole dress”. Find a large variety of 1960s sewing patterns by following the link to the Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki.  A few of these gems can pop up on my website, but act quick as all of my items are one of a kind!

According to catalog information for the McCall’s 9181 pattern. The term “wrap-arounder” is a trademark of the McCall Corporation.

Have you ever sewn or worn a three armhole dress? If so, please let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram @oldpatterns! 

Sew Long, 

Michelle Lee

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