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11.5″ doll

1. Sun Dress…with petticoat attached…or a short evening dress! Make it both ways in casual cottons or elegant blends!

2. Oriental Sheath…a glamorous sheath to make many times in cotton, taffeta, linen or brocade!
3. Strapless Party Dress…with Petticoat attached…make it as its glamorous best in the dressiest fabric you can find!
4. Oriental Kimono…a fashionable wrap-around to make in pretty cottons, or even silks or satin!
5. Sports Separates…for active sports in sturdy denim, gingham, cotton broadcloth!
6. Coat…make it casual or elegant, of wool, cotton broadcloth, pique, taffeta, brocade. Or make it of printed cotton as a new-fashion raincoat!
UNDER IT ALL! A special pantie pattern to complete the wardrobe of dresses. 
c. 1961
instructions included – pattern complete, but glued to a large pieces of paper – cover cut apart
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