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Spinnerin 153


Classic Manual, Part 3 . Classic Sweaters For Every Occasion. Directions In All Weights Of Yarns Women’s Sizes 12 to 20. Men’s Sizes 36 to 46. Women’s sweater styles include: Casual Elegance (shown on cover); Zig Zag Elegance (with cowl-type turtleneck3/4 cuffed sleeves); Belted Cardigan; Casual Shortie; Tailored Shirt; Saddle Shoulder Slipon; Basket Weave Cardigan; Embroidered Cardigan; V Neck Cardigan; Fashionable Classic; Shortie Jacket (double-breasted button front); Embossed Cable Jacket (no collar); Open Raglan Cardigan; Hong Kong Cardigan. Men’s styles include: Duo-tone Slipon; Double Cable Slipon; Leisure Time Cardigan; Rugged Casual (boat neck); Sleeveless Cable (vest). Flip-Top Cap for men or women.

55 pages

c. 1963

good condition

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