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Threads 14


December 1987 / January 1988


    • Handknitting Gloves
      by Deborah Newton
    • Myth, Music, and Magic: Pilar Coover
      by Margot Blum Schevill
    • Stars, Diamonds, Tables, and Sunrise:
      Motifs, structures of woven coverlets
      by Lou Cabeen
    • A Passion for Elegance: Marian Clayden
      by Betsy Levine
    • Tailor’s Logic:
      Custom-made suit tour
      by Stanley Hostek
    • Molas: Cuna Indian Fiber Art
      by Sharon La Pierre
    • Aran Knitting:
      Cable Patterns
      by Alice Starmore
    • Diagonal Cables(machine knit)
      by Susan Guagliumi
    • Medallion Quilting
      by Kristin Miller
    • Playing with Darts
      by Deborah Abbott
    • Hooked on Texture:
      Unconventional punch-needle rugs
      by Gloria E. Crouse
    • Back Cover:
      Persian Legend in Silk
      16th-century Safavid Iran
    • Letters
    • TIPS:
      Washing greasy wool
      by Cyril Lieschke
      Preshrinking wool yardage
      by Elaine MacKay
      One-row stripes in flat knitting
      by Joy Beeson
      Easier button shanks
      by Julie Brady
      Invisible buttonholes
      by Alice Smock
      Knit buttonholes you won’t mind seeing
      by Elizabeth Custer
      Wrestling foot petals to the mat
      by Thea Renaud
      Handy third hand
      by Marianne Kantor
      Marking quilt pieces
      by Barbara Gaugel
      Weaving with magnets
      by Mrs. Frank Chevalier
      Preventing shoulder-pad show-through
      by Elisheva Bush
      Quick spaghetti straps
      by Jean Good
      Q: Restoring crocheted tablecloth
      A: Terry McCormick
      Q: Unraveling serged seams
      A: Gail Brown
      Q: Ultimate sweater pattern
      A: David Page Coffin
      Q: Reversible knitting
      A: Bee Borssuck
    • NOTES:
      Determination and innovation: a successful weaving mill
      by D’Ann Calhoun Fago
      Fashion and Surrealism
      by The Fashion Institute of Technology
      The Roots of Wearables
      by Clara Creager
      Tours of Thailand
      by Don Willcox
      Show your work in Denmark
      by Anne Vilsboll
      Workshop with needle artist Constance Howard
      by Kate Hearst
      by San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum
      Lacemaking competition
      by The English Lace School
      The latest stuff in sewing
      by Independent Sewing Machine Dealers Assoc.
      The truth about American hooking
      by Jeanne H. Fallier
    • Calendar
    • Books
    • COMMENT:
      Christmas embroidery in Pakistan
      by Mary Garland
    • Supplies
c. 1987 1988

90 pages – good condition

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