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Threads 9


February / March 1987


    • The Poetry of Sleeves
      by Rebecca Lanxner Nebesar
    • A Flourishing Art: China
      by Gail Rossi
    • A Flourishing Art: USA
      by Wendy Porter-Francis
    • Knitting with Cotton
      by Linda Dyett
    • My Affair with King Cotton
      by Sue Franklin
    • Shared Workspace May Be Just What You Need
      by Julie Levy
    • Plain-Sewn Linen Shift
      by Kathleen Smith
    • Computers and Weavers
      by Janet A. Hoskins
    • Bobbin Lace on a Grand Scale
      by Robin S. Lewis
    • Selling Handmade Fashions
      by Victoria Leslie
    • Crocheting Wearable Fabric
      by Mary McGoveran
    • Imagery Is Personal in Tapestry Today
      by Valerie Clausen
    • Back Cover:
      Safety-Pin Jacket
      by Mark Mahall
    • Letters
    • ERRATA:
      “Tongue in Chic”
      No. 8, Dec/Jan 1987
      “Techniques for Better Weaving”
      No. 7, Oct/Nov 1986
    • TIPS:
      Wearing heirloom linens
      by Jean Dickinson
      No-snag elastic
      by Lisa Weatherall
      Smocking on machine knits
      by D. Bird
      Managing yarn end on knitting machine
      by Enid Zucker
      Marking and altering patterns
      by Mary Bright, David Coffin
      Cutting bias strips
      by Mary E. Weaver
      Shibori tip
      by Yoshiko Iwamoto
      The perfect spinner’s apron
      by Carol Clivio
      Untangling yarn bobbins
      by Mrs. M. Harrison
      Making sweater “muslins”
      by Nan D. Carlson
      Photocopying textiles
      by Ruby Moore
      Keeping track of the grain
      by Diane J. Whipple
      Pleated shoulder pads
      by Pat Norman
      Q: Repairing pants pockets
      A: Grace Callaway
      Q: Lengthening a finished sweater
      A: Maggie Righetti
      Q: Age spots on quilt
      A: Patricia Ewer
    • NOTES:
      Kashmir East and West
      by Elisabeth Mikosch
      Surface designers meet in Nantucket
      by Wendy Northup
      Shirtmaker from a small planet
      by David Page Coffin
      Painted cloth gardens on wheels
      by Don Willcox
    • Calendar
    • Books
    • COMMENT:
      A New Look at Crochet
      by Annette lep
    • Supplies
c. 1987

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